LPG compressor, LPG compressor oil for sale



1.A lot of companies are saying that it is good, after the compressor is sold, it will become awkward. Is your company honest?

Our company adheres to the principle of “Credit First, Customer First” to provide customers with satisfactory products and enthusiastic service. We have served many companies and units. We don't have any rectifications and anecdotes about product quality and service. Customers can check through the network enterprise integrity publicity system.

2.How to sell your company's compressor products?
My company's sales model is the model of factory direct sales and regular agent sales. To become an agent of our company, we need to apply in writing. Our company verifies the qualifications and service capability standards of the agents, and carries out refined training on the related products of our company. After passing the examination, we sign an agency contract and issue a formal agency authorization.

3.How to judge the quality of a compressor
First choose to buy a compressor to choose a manufacturer.Do not choose a leather bag company.They want to do their best to reduce the cost of the compressor for profit, such product quality can certainly not be good. Secondly, look at the work, look at the technology, look at the production, see how the quality control, and then see if the compressor parameters are up to standard, such as the lower the noise value, the smaller the compressor vibration value, the better.

4.If I buy your company's compressor, what should I do after the warranty period?
Our company will provide compressor life-long service system. Even if the compressor has passed the free warranty period, we are also responsible for the compressor. We have the annual spare parts inventory support, and the professional high-quality after-sales service team to serve the users. The post-warranty products are subject to cost-price paid services.

5.What are the compressor training provided by your company?
The compressor training provided by our company mainly consists of two major parts. The first is factory training. After the user and the contract are signed, we can send staff to our company for one-week training, including compressor theoretical knowledge training and compressor structure. Disassembly assembly training and compressor performance testing and troubleshooting training. The second is the on-site training of the user. After the compressor user is on-site commissioning, the user is trained to correct the correct operation of the compressor, daily maintenance and repair, and the problems that may be encountered during the use.

6.Your website looks very attractive, is it real?
Our company has an independent and independent physical factory, with processing workshops and assembly workshops and warehousing. The relevant content on the website is collected from the company's factory. The company's compressor products have the same color appearance. If you encounter colorful products on the website, please choose carefully. My company address has Baidu map real location. Welcome customers to visit our company.

7.Why is your compressor more expensive than others? They all look the same.
The appearance looks similar, but the quality that can't be seen is the quality. Our compressors are mainly for medium and high-end products. The procurement of raw materials is based on real materials. The parts are processed, and the key parts are all processed by CNC machine tools. The precision is not bad. The whole machine assembly adopts fine assembly, and the test run performs strict copying test. Some products are subject to a two- or three-year free warranty. No good quality, dare free warranty for two years for three years?