Bengbu AOT Compressor Co., Ltd. is located in High-tech Zone, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, a high-tech enterprise. The company is a specialized company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of compressor products. The company is mainly engaged in new high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly special gas compressors required by industries such as hydrogen, biogas, ammonia, natural gas, and chemical industries. The company always insists on taking technological innovation......

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Discount Argon compressor manufacturers take you to understand the application of the Argon

① Aluminum industry. Discount Argon compressor manufacturer tells you that argon can be used to replace air or nitrogen to create an inert atmosphere in the aluminum manufacturing process; Discount Argon compressor manufacturer tells you that argon can also help remove unwanted soluble gases during degassing, As well as removing dissolved hydrogen and other particles from molten aluminum.

Installation requirements of a Hydrogen Sulfide Compressor

This article will introduce the installation requirements of the Hydrogen Sulfide Compressor. 1. Requires a spacious and well-lit place, which is conducive to the operation and maintenance of the Hydrogen Sulfide Compressor. ​​​​​​​ 2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, the dust should be less, and the air should be clean and well ventilated.

Dimethyl ether compressor manufacturers take you to understand how the compressors work

In the paragraphs of the following article, the Dimethyl ether compressor manufacturers will show you how compressors work. The Dimethyl ether compressor manufacturers tell you that due to the change in the pressure in the cylinder, the air is passed through the air filter (muffler) into the cylinder through the intake valve.

Two types of Best ammonia compressor

The best ammonia compressor manufacturer tells you that in the simplest terms, ammonia is a natural gas that is one part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen. Although ammonia is found in some common cleaners, it can be toxic and even deadly if misused. Best ammonia compressor manufacturers tell you that that's why household refrigerators or freezers typically don't use ammonia. Ammonia is widely used in large commercial chillers due to its cheap price, and household refrigerators with ammonia compressors are often antique.

LPG bottle filling manufacturers take you to understand What is LPG

LPG bottle filling manufacturer tells you that liquefied petroleum gas (hereinafter referred to as liquefied petroleum gas) is a high-quality and efficient clean energy, which brings a lot of convenience to our life and meets our daily cooking and heating needs.

Areas of application of ethane in the Ethane compressor

Ethane in the Ethane compressor is cracked to make ethylene: In the chemical industry, ethane is mainly used to produce ethylene by steam cracking. When the ethane in the Ethane compressor is mixed with steam and fed to a high temperature of 900 degrees Celsius or above, the heavy hydrocarbons are cracked into light hydrocarbons.

How to maintain and manage Acetylene compressor

(1) First, check whether the pressure gauges, thermometers, ammeters, voltmeters and other measuring instruments of the Acetylene compressor are complete and intact, and whether the calibration time of the acetylene compressor is exceeded.

How to Maintain a Sulfur Dioxide Compressor

To maintain stable performance and long service life of the Sulfur dioxide compressor, regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is very important. In order to solve the power consumption of the pressurized gas and the corrosion of the Sulfur dioxide compressor equipment by the gas, better maintenance of the equipment will be an important means to effectively improve the service life of the equipment.

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