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    Recently, Bengbu AOT lpg compressor Co., Ltd. from the site of Shandong Huayi users feedback, the third generation of liquid ammonia discharge compressor put into operation, its discharge speed is about 20% higher than the second generation of the same model, the model has efficiency High, no leakage, long service life of consumable parts, high cost performance, etc., so it is directly praised by users.
Liquid ammonia discharge compressor is widely used in liquid ammonia discharge of ammonia station, and is an ideal equipment for advanced technology. When the common discharge compressor is used for ammonia medium, it often causes the filler to leak after a period of use, which not only affects the normal operation of the compressor, increases the maintenance amount, but also brings great hidden danger to safety.
On May 7, 2013, the third-generation liquid ammonia discharge compressor R&D improvement project was officially launched. After more than three years of trials and verifications, the performance of the parameters of the third-generation liquid ammonia discharge compressor of AOT is superior, which fully proves the design, material selection and process of the third generation liquid ammonia discharge compressor of AOT. And the feasibility and rationality of the test device, parallel with the same type of compressors overseas. The compressor is relatively zero leakage, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the compressor. The specially formulated materials and surface treatment technology are used to reduce the frictional resistance of the compressor, thereby reducing the loss of useless work and thereby achieving energy saving effect.

The successful development of the third-generation liquid ammonia discharge compressor is not only a major achievement of the Auto compressor company, but also a major breakthrough in China's compressor technology. It not only increases production capacity, but also contributes to energy conservation and emission reduction.

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