Nitrogen Compressor


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Nitrogen Compressor

Nitrogen compressor ◎Product overview: Nitrogen compressor is our company's main product, with mature technology and high stability. Mainly include large and medium-sized natural gas compressors. The discharge pressure ranges from 0.1MPa to 25.0MPa, and the discharge volume ranges from 0.05m3/min to 20m3/min. The compressors are available in Z-type, D-type, V-type, W-type and other forms for users to choose, as well as explosion-proof nitrogen compressors. For users to choose. ◎Characteristics: The whole machine has the characteristics of long service life, sufficient air volume and convenient maintenance. ◎Application range: Widely used in nitrogen pressurization, nitrogen replacement in chemical plants and gas units, as well as nitrogen filling bottles, nitrogen injection wells, etc.



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